Possible Reasons Why Snakes Bite

Detroit snake

Snakes are usually docile and will only bite as their last resort. On animals, they will only bite it if it is a food item. They may also attack as an act of self-preservation. Therefore, if you are on a hiking trip and accidentally step on a snake, they will think that their lives are being threatened. It is also not surprising that most snake bites happened while people are trying to capture them.

Why Do Snakes Bite Humans?
Every year, there is an average of 8,000 snake bites that happen in the US. Only 12 people will die from this bite. The low fatality rate is due to several reasons, such as medical technology availability, application of first aid, failure to inject venom, and increasing public awareness. Whether it is a venomous or a non-venomous snake bite, it is always important to treat this appropriately to prevent any possible complications. To ensure that you will avoid their attack, here are some possible instances when this reptile will bite humans.

Will Snakes Bite if They Are Cornered?
Snakes will not immediately think of attacking humans the moment they see us. They are shy, timid creatures and will prefer to stay away from places with increased human activities. In the eyes of the snake, we are one giant predator and will immediately flee to escape the potential threat. On the off chance that they can’t run, they can hide or be very still; if cornered, they may hiss, flail around, and launch a fake attack. If none of these works, they may bite the attacker to defend themselves.

Will Snakes Bite to Respond to Provocation?
If you leave the snake on their own, it is unlikely that they will act aggressively. Based on the report, most of the snake’s bite will happen when people attempt to capture or kill them. If you choose to attack a wild animal, you should expect that it will retaliate to preserve its life. Therefore, the best thing to do if you encounter snakes is to leave them alone. There is no way that a snake will actively hunt a human. Unless they pose an immediate threat to your life, give them the space they need.

Will Snakes Bite if It Mistook My Hand for Food?
Snakes will not have cognitive functions, and their brains are not large. However, they are good at making associations between specific actions and the results. If the only time you are opening the aquarium of the snake is when you are feeding it, it will immediately relate this action to the arrival of their food. Thus, there is a possibility that the snake will attack you the next time you open its cage. They will rely on their sense of smell when looking for food. If you forgot to wash your hand after holding food, they might assume that your hand is a delicious meal.

Once you get bitten by a snake, it is essential to get appropriate treatment immediately. Call the emergency hotline number and provide them with different information related to the snake’s bite. Keep calm since unnecessary movement can encourage the venom to travel faster throughout your body. Take a picture of the snake if possible, but do not actively hunt the snak Go back to the home page: Snakes of Detroit